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Meet West Perth’s premier car detailer, Mobile Car Detailing Perth. We’re your local team in West Perth for everything from window cleaning, car washing for both exterior and interior detailing, polishing and waxing and of course our mobile washing service. Whether you’ve just returned home from camping or four wheeling driving and have a genuinely monstrous cleaning task ahead, or are just looking for a routine car wash or detailing service, we’re the team for you.

We’re happy to provide the residents of West Perth with an affordable, comprehensive car detailing service that covers everything you would imagine. Our services extend from steam cleaning or fabrics within your vehicle, through to the deep cleaning of plastic panelling and more.We even deal with glass and window cleaning as well as the removal of any coders or mildew that may have built up in your vehicle over time.

Tips When Choosing A Car Washing Company

  • Location

Mobile car detailers should be convenient and willing to get to your location (assuming you are within their service area). They should arrive at the agreed upon time at the location and be fully prepared to carry out the detailing service required. Having to take your car to a physical address to get your car detailed can leave you high and drive and often catching an Taxi to your next meeting. Mobile car detailing removes the consideration for location as they work in and around your schedule. 

  • Time Commitment

Top quality car detailing takes time. Care is needed to ensure the work is done properly and often it will need to be checked a few times over for your satisfaction and the reputation of the car detailer themselves. Any company that says they can do it faster are normally taking shortcuts that they hope you won’t notice.

  • Tools

Quiz the car washing company on the tools that they are using on your car. They should be able to provide you you with sound knowledge of the tools and application methods as they work with them closely on a daily basis. If your are unsure on something always ask; it is your car you are leaving in their hands.

  • Guarantee

The car detailer should happily stand by their work as a sign of reassurance that it was done correctly. Life isn’t always perfect and mistakes can happen. Make sure that the car detailer has the relevant insurance to cover any unforeseen damages.

  • Cost

Price shopping is part of the territory when it comes to finding a professional car wash service. Be cautious of companies that charge excessively low prices, it may sound like a good deal but chances are they are not doing the same amount of work or using cheaper products than their rivals. The detailer should be able to provide you with a fairly competitive quote over the phone when you provide the vehicle details and the extent of the cleaning that needs to be done.

  • Reviews

When trying to find the best car detailing service sometimes good old fashioned reviews can be the best bet. They offer a good insight into how the business treats its customers and how they handle any potential issues. It is important to remember to take each review with a grain of salt. Bad reviews are often left by customers who have a bad taste in their mouth, sometimes over something small. Good reviews carry more weight than a bad one left in the heat of the moment.

What We Do?

At Mobile Car Detailing in West Perth, we offer a myriad of quality cleaning services that extend from car washing, detailing, paint protection, and even engine bay cleaning. If you’ve purchased a second-hand car in the city and would like to see it looking, feeling and smelling just like new, we’re the detailers you need to reach out to!

Washing, Waxing and Polishing

Our most popular service here in West Perth is our full-service wash. We can visit your home, or apartment undertake a comprehensive clean of your vehicle and have everything sparkling clean in just an hour or so. We cap off the clean with a wax and a polish to really add that extra flair to your vehicle, whether it’s brand new or a fairly old model.

Steam Cleaning

For our customers who need a little more of a clinical clean, we offer entire steam cleaning of all fabrics in the car. If you’re having a baby, frequently travel with children or have bought a used car, this service is ideal for you to ensure all bacteria, allergens and other impurities are vaporised from the vehicle. You’ll have a reduced chance of hay fever and small children will be happily playing away on the back seat without the worry of getting sick

Engine Bay Cleaning

To cap off our services, we also offer engine bay cleaning services to keep your engine and all surrounding components free of grime, dust, and other muck. There’s nothing worse than driving your vehicle with a dirty engine bay and doing so could increase tour chances of damaging the car, either due to heat or having dirt finding its way into an engine.

Paint Protection

We know there’s nothing worse than having a new car in Perth with chipped, faded or scratched paint, so we offer paint protection services too! It’s easy to keep your paint free of imperfections that come from birds and other animals landing on it, and with quality paint protection solutions added atop yours, you’re able to rest assured that your paint isn’t going to fade or peel anytime soon.

Perth Office

Mobile Car Detailing Perth

Suite 100, 6/50 St Georges Terrace

Perth, WA 6000

1300 214 422


Car Detailing Reviews

Steve Turner
Steve Turner
01:20 09 Apr 17
We visited Perth recently having driven across the Nullabor plains. Our car was pretty dirty to say the least. WE found these guys on google. They were most helpful in giving a car some TLC and making it look brand new again. Thanks guys well doneread more
John Cristaldi
John Cristaldi
18:04 08 Apr 17
Have to give credit where credit is due! I was in town at a buddy's house this week for vaca and he's got a sweet Jeep with all the fixins.... So he scheduled you guys 2 days ago for one of your mobile visits where you came to his house, which is really cool in itself, to detail the jeep for us for that night. Personally I build custom homes for a living and detail is a must. I often find that many people are not nearly as detail oriented as they could be and so much gets missed on many levels.... Your crew really impressed me with how specific they got with the cleaning and polishing of the jeep. It looked amazing when it was done and the guys looked like they were enjoying themselves while they were working which speaks volumes about your company... Kudos for doing the normal, abnormally well!read more
Roxy Benjamin
Roxy Benjamin
08:31 24 Jan 17
An excellent experience. the staff are friendly, professional and happy to answer all questions. They took the time to really look at the car and explain what would be done and the costs involved. My car looks brilliant. Very happyread more
SC Curtin
SC Curtin
06:00 22 Jan 17
The only team that I will allow to clean my car. Fantastic attention to detail, I am constantly impressed with the final product time and time again. Having a 4wd getting dirty and roughed up is all apart of it but after the Mobile Car Detailing Perth team have worked their magic it looks like a brand new car. Great customer service and are a pleasure to deal with 🙂read more
Chris Mann
Chris Mann
19:25 13 Dec 16
Great mobile car detailing company. Best service. Highly Recommend them.
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Hours Of Operation

Monday – 9am to 5pm

Tuesday – 9am to 5pm

Wednesday – 9am to 5pm

Thursday – 9am to 5pm

Friday – 9am to 5pm

Saturday – 11am to 3pm

Sunday – 11am to 3pm

Our Convenience

Unlike a majority of other car detailers in West Perth, we come to your home or workplace, if permitted. There’s no need to stress about leaving your car with us and going without a vehicle for a few hours or the day because we’ll be right with you at home. Whether you’re on Old Street, Outram Street or Hay Street in West Perth, we’re easily able to make our way to you at no extra cost.

All you’ll need to do is book an appointment, let us know your location and whether you’d like to have your detailing, engine bay cleaning or any other service at home, and we’ll be there within the day. It’s really as easy as that.

There’s Nothing Like a Professional

When it comes to car washing and detailing, there’s nothing that comes close to a professional. You might spend your weekends here and there cleaning your car, though we bring the experience, equipment, and precision that can only be found with professionals.

If you’re in West Perth and interested in a thorough car wash, detail or any other service of ours, give Mobile Car Detailing Perth a call on 1300 214 422

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West Perth is an inner suburb of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia.

Formerly an exclusive suburb for wealthy merchants and politicians, it is now part of the inner mixed zone, and has predominantly office blocks which have displaced residential buildings. There is a high proportion of miners and consultants, and particularly medical specialists, compared to the Perth central business district. Streets such as Colin Street, Ord Street and Outram Street have significant office and high density residential buildings.

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